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Rittal automates panel building

Rittal automates panel building

The new Rittal Automation Systems business unit extends Rittal’s comprehensive range of solutions for control and switchgear engineering. System provider Rittal has taken over and extended sister company Kiesling’s entire product range. A comprehensive range of equipment is available for professional workshop operation, from manual tools to fully automated mechanical engineering.

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Three steps in the
value-added chain.

EPLAN − efficient engineering.
Rittal − The System.
Kiesling − We automate the panel building.

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Step one in the value-added chain

  • The alliance between Eplan, Rittal and Kiesling is the only one of its kind in the world.
  • Take value-added to the next level, and re-automate your processes.
  • With Eplan, you can put your trust in Europe's leading solutions.

EPLAN – efficient engineering.

  • EPLAN Engineering Center
  • EPLAN Electric P8
  • EPLAN Data Portal
  • EPLAN Fluid
  • EPLAN Pro Panel
  • EPLAN Harness proD

Step two in the value-added chain

The Eplan engineering platform offers optimum links to system solutions from Rittal. Benefit from this unique system and reduce the complexity of your workflows.

Rittal – The System.

  • Enclosure systems
  • Ri4Power power distribution to IEC 61 439
  • TopTherm climate control, TÜV-tested
  • RiMatrix S – The mass-produced data centre

Step three in the value-added chain

Step three focuses on you and your control engineering processes. With Kiesling as international specialists, we automate your success.

Kiesling – We automate the panel building.

  • Perforex – Machining of enclosure solutions
  • Secarex – Cable ducts and support rails cut to length without delay
  • Athex – Automated assembly of terminal blocks
  • Averex – Mounting plate wiring

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Three steps in the value-added chain.

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